Code Academy for the Deaf

We are excited to partner with MTN Ghana Foundation to launch the MTN Code Academy for the Deaf. We will be teaching students from the State school of the Deaf in Ashiaman to #Code and build an online student portal. This portal will serve as a tool for them to share activities within the school, share great educational content,educate us on the deaf and disabled community. It will be a tool to amplify and give them a voice.They will learn a skill that will help them get jobs and become economically independent. We will have classes every Tuesday and Friday at the School from 2:30pm to 4:30pm for a month

We had our first class which was amazing. We had volunteers from DartmouthCollege help us with the workshop. You can follow all our workshops by following #signyourcode

In the space of 10years, the MTN Foundation has implemented over 142 projects in the areas of health, education and economic empowerment at the total cost of over USD $13.3 million. These projects have impacted over four million people in Ghana. We are proud to partner with the leading telecommunications company that believes and works hard to give back in a meaningful way. #MTNFoundation #MTNFoundationat10


Soronko Academy expands to Kumasi

We are expanding the work of Soronko Academy to Kumasi. We are partnering with an innovative and excellent school in Kumasi called Kinder Circle School. Coding will be incorporated into their curriculum. From Class 1 to JSS 3 each student will learn to code. This has been a long time dream we have had to have coding incorporated in a school’s curriculum and develop the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

It is important to develop future innovators. The future is now!!!


Training on adding content of African Women on Wikipedia

21317464_10155465457800801_8096038502133548380_nWe need to be able to tell our own stories. Wikipedia is the single store of human knowledge the world has ever seen.

The biggest gap in Wikipedia is content from Sub Saharan Africa. The other challenge is content on African Women. If we want to change the narrative and make our voices heard then we must put up factual information on what goes on and content on amazing people on the continent.
We must do this to raise our profile and document our success and stories for today and tomorrow.

We organized a training as part of the #WikilovesWomen project to add more content of African Women on Wikipedia. It was a really good learning experience. We trained participants on how to add an edit content on wikipedia, the creative commons movement and how to properly cite references etc. There was a challenge set to determine the perosn who could put up the most articles on Wikipedia. It was won by Pamela Ofori-Boateng

Our CEO is interviewed by Bishop TD Jakes

21271181_10155461538950801_6580906179921386134_nTestimonial of from our CEO on experience being interviewed by Bishop TD Jakes.

I am at home when I get a message that Bishop TD Jakes would like to interview me. Interview me! I was shocked. I had seen the billboard that he would be in town and I thought it would be amazing to meet him.That was just a thought. Fast forward I am with him today at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra Ghana at the executive lounge. He says Regina I read your bio and I am so impressed with the work you are doing and starting Soronko Academy. How does it feel to have such global presence. He has such presence. I am so nervous but feel very stylish and confident in my beautiful Vlisco dress. This is a Great Man of God, Bishop of the The Potters House, an inspirational speaker,an author, filmmaker and a powerful presence.This was the best interview I have ever had. I left the room with a renewed sense of purpose. He lifted my spirit. He then says we will invite you to America to bring your work in STEM to African American children in our church.

He asked do you believe God has annointed you for the work that you do. My answer is a huge Yes. All I can say is I am simple girl who dared to chase her dream. God has taken me and my dream to amazing heights. I thank Raymond HonuDelphina AgyareAnnette AgyareLeticia AmavihPearl Ama Amoateng for the work that you do. I am the face but my Soronko team is the powerhouse that delivers exceptional results.

Graduate a new generation of Coders


The second group for the Special Course came to an end on Friday 18th August 2017. After an intensive 6 weeks of studying Computer Basics, Blogging, Web development & Design and Mobile Application Development.
The first two weeks started with basic computer skills where the students were taught the basic components of the computer. Blogging was also a focus of the course, as the children were taught to create their own blogs.
In addition, participants were taken through human-centered design, which brought out their innovative skills and also taught them about effective and productive teamwork.
The excitement and eagerness to learn more was very evident.

The next few weeks, they built websites of their own interest. These websites included themes like sports, baking, entertainment, health, fashion, education and many more. Ebo Sompa, who happened to be the only student to have studied mobile app development, built a very educative mobile application. Each student gave an account of what they had learnt from classes by presenting on the various websites they had built.

All in all, it has been an exciting and educative experience. It has also been fulfilling seeing these wonderful young people learn new and valuable skills at Soronko Academy for their future.
We wish them all the very best in all their endeavors!

Rope Climbing to Build the Team

20989244_10155426197235801_7847065336768935463_oAt Soronko Academy, we believe a team that works well together understands the interests, strength and weaknesses of each member. This understanding helps us work well towards the future progress of the Academy.
In light of this, we had a team building activity at the Legon Botanical Gardens on August 17, 2017.
The Soronko team decided to partake in the adventure rope course fused together with zip lining.

The rope course has a lot of benefits some of which are, upper body strength, team building and boosting one’s self confidence.
The rope course was quite challenging for some of the Soronko team members but they were ready to prove themselves. Some members were tensed, frightened yet they never gave up instead they pushed to the end. Some were also not moved by these challenges but rather strived to make their teams the best.
Undeniably, it was a fun filled day and a great learning experience.

I.C.T Session with girls at CoFA

20690196_1011496932326676_4324325781450082566_oA team from Soronko Academy led a 2-hour I.C.T. session with girls who were part of the 2017 cohort of the annual CofA camp. The session which took place at the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) involved about 60 girls and their mentors.

College for Ama (CofA) is a charity in Ghana whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for adolescent girls in rural areas of Ghana to attain college education. Every year, CofA runs a Summer Camp for girls from deprived, rural areas of Ghana. They receive extra tuition in academic subjects, including Mathematics, General Science, English and ICT. During the camp, equal importance is given to creativity and innovation: two essential life skills, both for personal and professional development.

As part of CofA’s mission to provide opportunities for the girls, Our CEO(Mrs. Regina Honu) began the session by introducing the girls to coding, it’s importance and the many opportunities available to them should they decide to pursue a career in coding. We played the “bash game” where the winner received a prize. They were then taken through basic ICT skills including speed typing.

The session was both educational and fun for the CofA girls and the Soronko team.