Women in Tech Illustrated Book

It was such a pleasure to be part of a project by Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Germany (BMZ) to eliminate the barriers of women being highly underrepresented in the growing global tech sector and support women’s participation in the digital economy.

BMZ published an illustrated book in English and German with portraits of female role models from the tech industry. The book traces biographies of inspiring women in the tech sector from industrial and developing countries.

I made the cover and I am so proud to be able to tell my story and inspire and also be inspired by all the amazing women in the book.

When I started my tech journey I struggled to find female role models. I wish I had such a book. This is my new bedtime story book for my daughter. We will read a story a night and I know she will grow up knowing that she can be or do whatever she sets her mind to do.

Special Shout-out to Larisa Akrofie from @Levers in heels who worked on some of the interviews and gathering the stories. I am also glad I am captured in my beautiful Vlisco


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