TigerWoods Foundation STEM Studio

The TGR Foundation international STEM Studio is a really amazing experience. I am in presence of educators and curriculum development specialists from 15 countries worldwide. Day two saw us develop methodologies for project-based learning. We showed different ways to bring STEM to life for children. From cool tech games that are STEM brain teasers and breakout rooms and games so you actually learn a lot through play, to a microscope that you can fold with paper and lens and discover new things around you to a gallery walk-through of ideas in design thinking and brainstorming process to mindfulness where children learn to focus and concentrate The list is endless.

We also got to interact with a system that allows parks rangers from California parks to give the children a tour of parks and answer questions with the children sitting in the classroom. So they bring the parks and nature to the children in classrooms all over the world.

I got the opportunity to disect a brain. Hmmm for years I learned parts of the brain with just pictures and memorizing data. Finally, it all came to life where I finally got it. To see and interact with a brain and understand how it works.

Can’t wait to get back home and implement all the new things I am learning.#TGREduCreate #soronkoacademy #LovingSTEM USADF

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