Our Mentor gets Chevening Schorlarship

Yesterday I was at the British High Commissioners residence to celebrate with an amazing young woman that I am so proud of. I met Nura when she was in the second year of University at Ashesi University. I had gone to give a talk and she was thinking about if she should do business or MIS. I shared how my first coding class beat me proper and I wanted to change courses. I didn’t and worked hard til I loved my coding and computer science class. I talked about Tech Needs Girls and she signed up to be a mentor. She designed a course to teach Alice Programming to our girls She volunteered for some programs and attended an open house ceremony we had for mentors and mentees where she met the CEO of Dreamoval impressed him and got an internship and then a full-time job

When she told me she was applying for CheVening ScholarShip I was excited and read over her essay which was brilliant. I got the opportunity to speak at #GreatX a Tedx styled event organized by the British High Commission and I did a shameless plug to say how brilliant she is and how she deserves the scholarship. I spoke to some alumni of the scholarship to get tips for her interview.

Long post short Nura Abdul Rahman got the Chevening Scholarship and invited me to share this amazing moment with her. Out of 50,000 applications, she was part of the selected 22. She is going to study for a Master’s in Information Technology at the University of Glasgow. She is passionate about giving back and supporting more women and girls to study and pursue careers in Tech.

I can’t wait for her to get back and us working together. I love how she keeps chasing her dreams and works hard. She is a great role model. I and the entire @Tech needs Girls family to congratulate her!! Congratulations to all the other amazing Chevening scholars


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