Women and Digital Skills Program

Women and Digital Skills program is a coding and digital skill training initiative for women run at Soronko Academy in partnership with Stinsad Consult and USA for AFRICA. As part of the program, we invite influential women who have excelled in their inustry to speak to our trainees on topical issues, every Friday.

Friday March 16 edition featured Miss Venus Tawiah, Director at Now Available Africa.

Miss Venus touched on very interesting topics that speak to the heart of digital engagement such as, the internet, digital skills and content creation in one’s own identity. She also spoke about her organization, Now Available Africa

Now Available Africa innovates and designs brand new strategies to create their own approach to advertising, based on their knowledge of what is viable and appreciated in Africa and their wealth in local and international experience.

We had an amazing time with our guest and the trainees were equally excited by every line of her speech. They felt educated, informed and inspired. She started the session with letting the trainees take a selfie and tag Now Available Africa and Soronko Academy. This demonstrated how we all stay connected and curate our own content


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