Coding at Kinder Circle School

We so excited with the progress made with the coding classes at Kinder Circle School. We run a pilot of introducing coding to a school’s curriculum where every student from Class 1 to JSS 3 learns to code as part of the school’s syllabus. We hired an amazing trainer Mustapha Zaidan Speaks who conducts the training. He started off introducing the children in the lower class to how to type well with Mavis beacon in a fun and engaging way.He then went on to teach all the children at various stages the steps in website development.

We have learnt a lot from this pilot and take the feedback to improve on our service delivery and ultimate goal of introducing coding to all schools in Ghana. It is amazing to see what the children have developed and hear the testimonials.

The children also go the opportunity display their coding skills at an event organized for parents called Kinder Fest.

We are so grateful to the leadership of Kinder Circle School for the opportunity to work with them and understanding the importance of teaching children the language of the future and giving them the skills to be successful in today’s digital world.

We will soon start having coding classes for children in Kumasi as the academy has expanded its services to kumasi. We will announce the dates soon. #soronkoacademy #buildingthefuture




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