Women in Digital Skills Training Program

We are excited to start our Women in Digital Skills Training Program. We had an orientation to meet the women, hear their stories and make sure that we meet their expectations as well as the goals for the program. We will be working with 28 women including some women from tamale. This is going to be a life-changing experience. All of the women did not know what coding is and only one had an idea what blogging is. An interesting trend was that more than half of the women are shy. We will change that!

This is going to be a technical and soft skills training. The women will learn computer basics, blogging, social media and how to build a website. There will be soft skills training in leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking, work etiquette, confidence building finance and money management etc At the end of training the women will be connected with internship and mentorship in industries of choice where they can add values with their digital skills.

We also hope to help launch the businesses that will be started after the training.

One big expectation is that all the women will pay it forward and go back to their communities and use their new skills to make a difference.

Special thanks to Stinsad Consult, USA for Africa for making this possible. To Gabriel Addai Duah Financial Inclusion Manager at FirsTrust Savings and Loans for offering to teach Financial literacy and all the support, we have received.





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