The Camp

Our C.E.O had an amazing time at the camp with the mentors, the climbers and the team at the camp. As soon as she landed she had to share her journey as a social entrepreneur and how to create a personal and company brand. In the evening she was on the opening panel of the Pitch night talking about Tech with a Purpose. It was a great panel with really good discussions, questions and insights shared. She spoke on the African perspective. She was happy to bring a voice from Africa and to do it in style with her lovely  Vlisco jacket

The climbers are 12 startups with really great startup businesses and ideas. From automated cars, to healthcare to remote areas, to a social network for informal workers, to an app to locate items on the street and have it reused or recycled, to block-chain technology and sustainable energy . She also had the opportunity to mentor some startups and took some contacts to do introductions to help them scale to Africa.

She looks forward to a continuous engagement with the camp as we discussed having a cultural exchange with our students going to the campus in France and they coming to Ghana. The future is exciting and she am proud to be an ambassador for thecamp


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