Soronko Academy expands to Kumasi

We are expanding the work of Soronko Academy to Kumasi. We are partnering with an innovative and excellent school in Kumasi called Kinder Circle School. Coding will be incorporated into their curriculum. From Class 1 to JSS 3 each student will learn to code. This has been a long time dream we have had to have coding incorporated in a school’s curriculum and develop the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

It is important to develop future innovators. The future is now!!!


2 thoughts on “Soronko Academy expands to Kumasi

  1. Philip Danquah

    Congratulations for taking education to another level.
    I want to ask, I am a young man of 40 years old and very much interested in this program. Is there any opportunity for me, If yes what should be the next step?
    Secondly, how can the students in Kumasi who are interested in this innovative program but not attending school at Kinder Circle be part of it. Thank you


    1. Dear Philip we are setting up a center at Kinder Circle which will be open to all children in Kumasi. Our first class will during the long vacation. We have adult classes. We will also start that in Kumasi at Kinder Circle. We will notify you when we start.


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