Training on adding content of African Women on Wikipedia

21317464_10155465457800801_8096038502133548380_nWe need to be able to tell our own stories. Wikipedia is the single store of human knowledge the world has ever seen.

The biggest gap in Wikipedia is content from Sub Saharan Africa. The other challenge is content on African Women. If we want to change the narrative and make our voices heard then we must put up factual information on what goes on and content on amazing people on the continent.
We must do this to raise our profile and document our success and stories for today and tomorrow.

We organized a training as part of the #WikilovesWomen project to add more content of African Women on Wikipedia. It was a really good learning experience. We trained participants on how to add an edit content on wikipedia, the creative commons movement and how to properly cite references etc. There was a challenge set to determine the perosn who could put up the most articles on Wikipedia. It was won by Pamela Ofori-Boateng


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