Rope Climbing to Build the Team

20989244_10155426197235801_7847065336768935463_oAt Soronko Academy, we believe a team that works well together understands the interests, strength and weaknesses of each member. This understanding helps us work well towards the future progress of the Academy.
In light of this, we had a team building activity at the Legon Botanical Gardens on August 17, 2017.
The Soronko team decided to partake in the adventure rope course fused together with zip lining.

The rope course has a lot of benefits some of which are, upper body strength, team building and boosting one’s self confidence.
The rope course was quite challenging for some of the Soronko team members but they were ready to prove themselves. Some members were tensed, frightened yet they never gave up instead they pushed to the end. Some were also not moved by these challenges but rather strived to make their teams the best.
Undeniably, it was a fun filled day and a great learning experience.


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