Our CEO is interviewed by Bishop TD Jakes

21271181_10155461538950801_6580906179921386134_nTestimonial of from our CEO on experience being interviewed by Bishop TD Jakes.

I am at home when I get a message that Bishop TD Jakes would like to interview me. Interview me! I was shocked. I had seen the billboard that he would be in town and I thought it would be amazing to meet him.That was just a thought. Fast forward I am with him today at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City, Accra Ghana at the executive lounge. He says Regina I read your bio and I am so impressed with the work you are doing and starting Soronko Academy. How does it feel to have such global presence. He has such presence. I am so nervous but feel very stylish and confident in my beautiful Vlisco dress. This is a Great Man of God, Bishop of the The Potters House, an inspirational speaker,an author, filmmaker and a powerful presence.This was the best interview I have ever had. I left the room with a renewed sense of purpose. He lifted my spirit. He then says we will invite you to America to bring your work in STEM to African American children in our church.

He asked do you believe God has annointed you for the work that you do. My answer is a huge Yes. All I can say is I am simple girl who dared to chase her dream. God has taken me and my dream to amazing heights. I thank Raymond HonuDelphina AgyareAnnette AgyareLeticia AmavihPearl Ama Amoateng for the work that you do. I am the face but my Soronko team is the powerhouse that delivers exceptional results.


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