Graduate a new generation of Coders


The second group for the Special Course came to an end on Friday 18th August 2017. After an intensive 6 weeks of studying Computer Basics, Blogging, Web development & Design and Mobile Application Development.
The first two weeks started with basic computer skills where the students were taught the basic components of the computer. Blogging was also a focus of the course, as the children were taught to create their own blogs.
In addition, participants were taken through human-centered design, which brought out their innovative skills and also taught them about effective and productive teamwork.
The excitement and eagerness to learn more was very evident.

The next few weeks, they built websites of their own interest. These websites included themes like sports, baking, entertainment, health, fashion, education and many more. Ebo Sompa, who happened to be the only student to have studied mobile app development, built a very educative mobile application. Each student gave an account of what they had learnt from classes by presenting on the various websites they had built.

All in all, it has been an exciting and educative experience. It has also been fulfilling seeing these wonderful young people learn new and valuable skills at Soronko Academy for their future.
We wish them all the very best in all their endeavors!


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