I.C.T Session with girls at CoFA

20690196_1011496932326676_4324325781450082566_oA team from Soronko Academy led a 2-hour I.C.T. session with girls who were part of the 2017 cohort of the annual CofA camp. The session which took place at the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) involved about 60 girls and their mentors.

College for Ama (CofA) is a charity in Ghana whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for adolescent girls in rural areas of Ghana to attain college education. Every year, CofA runs a Summer Camp for girls from deprived, rural areas of Ghana. They receive extra tuition in academic subjects, including Mathematics, General Science, English and ICT. During the camp, equal importance is given to creativity and innovation: two essential life skills, both for personal and professional development.

As part of CofA’s mission to provide opportunities for the girls, Our CEO(Mrs. Regina Honu) began the session by introducing the girls to coding, it’s importance and the many opportunities available to them should they decide to pursue a career in coding. We played the “bash game” where the winner received a prize. They were then taken through basic ICT skills including speed typing.

The session was both educational and fun for the CofA girls and the Soronko team.


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