Soronko Academy Graduates its First Cohort

19055064_1311293705650248_4290057594567796817_oIt was exciting to graduate our last class of Tech Needs Girls mentees as we have transitioned to Soronko Academy and we now train male and females. Each year we see amazing results. This year was no exception. From not knowing much about computers and nothing about coding to see what our girls have created is mind blowing. They started the companies and built their website from scratch.
Clara has started her own advertising company. Her company is offering online advertising to small and medium scale enterprises.
Fremah taught herself how to bake and has started her own cakes and bakery.
Rebecca has started Rebex Limited to focus on encouraging young adults who are faced with challenges both academically,emotionally and otherwise.
Abigail started Discover The Gospel Truth Foundation Limited.Her foundation is all about sharing the word of God to individuals around the world. Helping people in the community is the hallmark of the foundation.


The other girls also created amazing websites. We are proud of our mentees and look forward to their future success.

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