Our Kids learn to Code!!

The experience of the first group of children was awesome! With our hands on practical curriculum, they learnt a lot about Computer Basics, Blogging and Coding.
The first three weeks started with computer basic where the children were given more insights into the components of the computer. They were also taught how to create emails and also to blog effectively. During practical demonstration, the children created their own blogs and named them with their own unique titles. They were taken through some human centered designs, which enhanced their innovative and creative skills. They were also thought how to work with a team. 

The kids were excited and fascinated about the new things they were learning. Some of them were reluctant to go home after the class; they preferred staying to learn more.
The next few weeks saw them through coding which was very interesting. They built websites of their own interest. The website designs varied from cars, robots, pets, fashion and many more.
The past few days have been thrilling, educative and fulfilling to see these kids enhance their skills for the future. Overall it was a fun learning experience and it has been great having these wonderful and brilliant children at Soronko Academy.
We look forward to seeing the next group. Let your children be part of this great experience.

Contact Soronko Academy on 0574541422 for more inquiries


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