TNG Mentee starts Foundation

Today I want share Rosemary’s story in her own words and launch her foundation’s website which she built herself from scratch.

I come from a very deprived village in the Volta Region of Ghana which has nothing to make life comfortable and productive. Because of this, there is a high rate of school dropout, teenage pregnancy and unproductivity among young people in the area. I had also witnessed people suffer and die due to serious and unknown health problems.At a very tender age, I had dreams for my community

However, my eye opener came when I had witnessed how my mother suffered at the hands of local birth attendants due to the lack of a health facility in my community. Though she later gave birth, she developed a serious health complication which still affects her health.
As I grew older, I understood the needs of my people better. They needed someone to be their voice. I responded to the desperate call of my people by starting the Health At Every Doorstep Foundation with the motive of introducing initiatives that will help improve the lives of the less privileged and underserved in society.
I must admit that the journey has been challenging since I come from a low income family, I was not familiar with the world of technology and I had to combine my work with the rigorous and demanding nature of the academic subject I studied.

However, I have never felt like giving up because I love what I do and would not trade my passion for anything.
Moreover, in 2016, I was privileged to be part of the “Tech Needs Girls’ “project (a project by Soronko Solutions to encourage more girls into technology). Through this program, I was introduced to the world of technology and I had the opportunity to design a website for my foundation. Since then, I have been able to connect and work with other young people.- 

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