Coding Workshop with SAP

On Saturday 22nd October Soronko, Academy held its first coding workshop at its grounds. It was a fun filled and exciting learning experience for our mentees from Butterfly Effect Ghana ,our mentors and volunteers and also the awesome 12 guests from SAP Social Sabbatical Team from nine countries (Germany, USA,India,Portugal,Hungary,France, Netherlands, Argentina ,Sweden).

The workshop involved coding and design thinking task which was analyzed and awarded by judges. Our mentees were divided into groups of 5 and each group had mentors and Volunteers from both Tech Needs Girls and SAP Social Sabbatical Team to guide them through the task. The challenge was very interactive and our mentees had to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills to design an educational app and website.

The Mentees had to present and pitch the concept of their apps to the Judges for final assessment.
It was great seeing the excitement and anxiety, as for some of them it was their first time pitching to an audience.

The mentees,mentors as well as the SAP volunteers from the winning team were presented with prizes for the content and solution to the problem, creativity and great presentation skills.
Food and drinks were served and great networking ensued. Special thanks to everyone who supported and graced the event. We appreciate your immense support, participation and time to impact our mentees.

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