CEO attends VV100

Our CEO just got back from San Francisco where she attended the Vital Voices VV100 Strategic Gathering. 100 women world leaders from over 60 countries. She was inspired, amazed and challenged. The women were incredible. From a Malawain Chief who ended over 850 child marriages, to a woman who run for president in her country, to our very own Bridgitte Dzokpenu who is running for Vice President, women who run companies that generate hundreds of millions in revenue and employ the poorest of the poor, women who are standing up to dictators and rogue governments, women who raid brothels to rescue trafficked girls, women who have built micro-financing institutions which started with one cow and today serve 27,000 other women.
The woman who started the #bringbackourgirls movement for the kidnapped chibok girls. How we jubliated when we heard 21 girls had been released.
She was humbled and proud to be a part of these special 100 women. I am challenged to do more for women and girls on the African Continent. No matter how difficult I will never give up. I stand with these women!!!
Women who dream and act; whose daily credo is: the time is now and the person is me. -Kah Walla


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