The Virtual Launch Press Coverage

Hello All,

Thank you for your great support for the virtual launch of the Rotary/Soronko Girls Coding Project. We got a lot of great press coverage. We were highlighted on my joy online @…/soronko-academy-partners-ro…/…

News Ghana @…/ and B&FT newspaper.

We are still receiving sign-ups for young women 17-25 years from disadvantaged backgrounds living in and around La Bawaleshie, Shiashie, Ogbojo, Mempasem, Okplongo, etc who want to learn coding and digital skills and be connected to job opportunities including working at a business solution center.

If you can or know someone who can benefit, please sign up here…/1FAIpQLSdY0vlOOxGEaR1MF…/viewform…

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W.I.D.S 8.0 Ends Successfully

On Friday, February 28, 2020, the Women in Digital Skills 8.0 came to a successful end.

The week began with Monday’s class, providing further instruction regarding Blogging and its various useful applications. On Tuesday, the class was geared towards making “wireframe” website design sketches into reality by showcasing the various design options available in Google Sites.

Wednesday and Thursday class schedules were used as development time by the women to incorporate new features and add their final touches for their websites.

On Friday, each participant was allowed to present her website to the class, showcasing all the newly acquired skill sets.

It was a joy to see the women present their websites, which reflected the wide variety of interests held by them– with some women creating websites for their own existing businesses.

The websites ranged from kente cloth pre-orders, various catering operations, and even a nanny service.

An incredibly interesting website created by one of the women, highlighted the profitability of snail farming while providing useful tips for how to manage a snail farm. Another impressive website focused on women’s reproductive health issues, offering a digital destination for women to read engaging articles on women’s health and find the answers to questions regarding their own bodies.

After the presentations, the Soronko Academy trainers chose women from each class to be recipients of a special prize. The winners were determined based on the construction of their website, and the strength of their presentation. The choice was however made difficult due to a large number of incredible presentations.

There was a presentation of certificates to each participant followed by photography and a networking session.

We will miss all of the women who participated in this cohort and helped make it such an incredible place to learn!

#mydigitalskills #womenindigitalskills8

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Girls Club Inaugurated At La Bawaleshie Presbyterian School

Soronko Academy was thrilled to attend the inauguration of the Girls Club at La Bawaleshie Presbyterian School today, February 12th, 2020.

The event began with a song by the Girls’ Choir, followed by cultural dance and musical accompaniment. The singers, dancers, and musicians put on a great show for the crowd.

The Headmistress delivered a speech on empowering women. She reminded everyone that “when you educate a man, you educate an individual. When you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”  Various invited guests, including our CEO, Mrs. Regina Honu, made speeches to praise the Girls Club initiative. Mrs. Honu expressed her excitement for the Girls Club and reiterated Soronko’s commitment to La Bawaleshie School. She also discussed the importance of ensuring that girls receive the same STEM education as boys and expressed her desire to support the Girls Club through ICT training.

After the guests’ speeches, the students performed another cultural dance, which captivated the crowd. Then, a student rapper appeared as everyone cheered enthusiastically to welcome him on stage. He entertained the audience with his lyrics and humor.

The final performance was a sketch acted out by seven students. The sketch told an encouraging story of two girls who became successful because their mother insisted on sending them to school. Finally, after the closing remarks and closing prayer were delivered, the invited guests posed for a group photo and thanked the school staff for the wonderful event. #Girlsclub #mydigitalskills #GirlsinICT

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Dislabelled Forum For Persons With Disabilities

Dislabelled, an organization aimed at providing career and educational development opportunities for persons with disabilities in Ghana have held a Forum for Practitioners/NGOs in the Disability space, on the theme ‘Taking Your Practice to the Next Level’.

The goal of the forum held at the Soronko Academy in East Legon was to provide a platform to keep practitioners abreast of new methods to improve their organizations and to establish a solid network of practitioners who can share information and encourage each other.…/Dislabelled-empowers-PWD-practit…

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Soronko Academy Hosted Students From The University of Minnesota

Soronko Academy was thrilled to host another group of students from the University of Minnesota on the morning of January 16th, 2020. The students were in Ghana for a three-week course on social entrepreneurship in developing countries. As part of their curriculum, they visited various Ghanaian social enterprises.

The group of students was welcomed by the CEO and founder of Soronko Academy, Mrs. Regina Honu. She gave a presentation on her story, the journey of Soronko Academy, and the importance of encouraging women and girls into technology careers.

She mentioned that only 3% of global ICT graduates were women and that ICT professionals were in high demand, meaning that there was huge potential in the technology space for women and girls.

The students were moved by the presentation and asked many insightful questions regarding both her great achievements working with young women and tech and the future of Soronko Academy.

During the questions and answers period, Mrs. Honu talked about the need to teach computer skills as a core subject in schools. The students discussed similarities between social enterprises in the United States and Ghana and asked how to best support Soronko Academy after returning home.

Finally, the students received a tour of the Academy and celebrated the visit with a group photo. It was an exciting day with our visitors from the University of Minnesota.

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Soronko Jingle And Mingle Christmas Party

The Jingle and Mingle Christmas party marked the end of an exciting year at Soronko Academy. The family-friendly event was attended by past and current students, funders, friends, guests, and the general public who were interested in learning more about the Academy. It was an opportunity to network and celebrate a year of successful work.

The event included “THE SHOWCASE,” a platform for female entrepreneurs to showcase their amazing products and services. “THE SHOWCASE” featured a variety of vendors such as juice and cocktail bar, African pattern apparel, accessories, hair, and cosmetic products.

The fun-filled day kept attendees busy with different activities. There was a FIFA PlayStation tournament as well as Jenga, Ludo, Uno, and Scrabble competitions. The kids especially enjoyed the football table and hula hoops. The crowd was also entertained by a lively choreography performed by the La-Bawaleshi JHS students.

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters. Soronko had a fantastic 2019 and looked forward to the new year.

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Council on International Educational Exchange [CIEE] Panel Discussion

On Thursday, December 5th, 2019, Mrs. Regina Honu, the C.E.O. of Soronko Academy, participated in a panel discussion with the CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange

CIEE is a non-profit organization offering study abroad and cultural exchange programs to international students who wish to visit Ghana. The event, titled “Championing the Humanisation of International Education in Ghana,” was organized by the CIEE to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Soronko has an important partnership with the CIEE, by providing internship opportunities to international students at the Academy. Mrs. Honu expressed how beneficial it had been to host interns at the Academy. She said the international students brought fresh perspectives and ideas to Soronko. In turn, they were exposed to many different projects, events, and the Ghanaian culture, offering the quick adaptability required to adjust and cope.

Mrs. Honu explained that her years spent studying in Norway was a valuable experience which has inspired her to offer opportunities to international students. She commented that even students without a technology background can find interesting work at Soronko and that all interns were warmly welcomed into her team.

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