Soronko Rotary Business Solutions Center Launched

The Soronko Rotary Business Solution Center was launched on 9th September 2020 on the Soronko Academy premises as part of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project. The Rotary Soronko Business Solutions Center is a practical training space where participants of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project upon completion of their Digital skills program would intern for a set period of time gaining industry skills in industry fields such as web design and development, digital marketing, social media management, software development and more.

The occasion began with an opening prayer from the founder and CEO of Soronko Academy, Mrs Regina Honu. Rotarian Governor Williams was the Chairperson of the occasion and delivered an exceptional speech and noted the importance and relevance of making tech inclusive for girls in Ghana and across the world, He stated the importance of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project in achieving this goal. He also encouraged the participants of the project to take their studies seriously and become innovative in the tech space and take charge of building amazing products.

During his speech, he made mention of how the participants could draw inspiration from the country directors for IMB and Google who are also women and to strive for the very best in achieving success in a male-dominated industry. He ended by encouraging the girls to take advantage of the Rotary Soronko Girls Coding Project and the business solutions center to upgrade themselves with the necessary skills required for the industry.

The event continued with the tape cutting ceremony to officially Launch the Rotary Soronko Business Solutions Center, Rotarian Governor Williams did the honours of cutting the tape on behalf of the Rotary Club Limburgerhor/Volderpfalz, Rotary Accra-Airport and Soronko Academy. Members of Rotary Accra-Airport, the staff of Soronko Academy and other invited guest took turns in inspecting the centre and interacting with some of the beneficiaries who would be managing the center.

They were thrilled and loved the equipment and space provided for the beneficiaries to learn and upgrade their skills within the Tech Industry. The occasion ended on a great note, with our women eager to start providing solutions at the Business Solution Center.

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Women In Digital Skills 9.0 ended successfully

After six exciting weeks of digital skills training which started on 20th, July 2020, came to an end on Friday, 28th August 2020. Throughout the course, students developed critical skills in Social Media Marketing, Website Development with WordPress, and Google Suite. The six-week course has equipped the students with a variety of digital and soft skills in Branding, Public Speaking, Mental Health Awareness and Resilience.

Being the last day, the students presented their beautifully designed portfolio websites which they worked tirelessly to create. Their websites were a portfolio about their businesses which included their CV, education, professional skills, technical skills, location and contact. The Staff of Soronko who were present were truly impressed with what the women had accomplished. After the presentation, the Project Manager of Soronko Academy, Miss Delphina Agyare admonished the students to use what they had been taught and also expressed how she loved their unity towards each other. She also presented an award to the student with the best website.

Each participant was awarded a certificate of completion by a Soronko Academy staff member. The students also dedicated a citation to the CEO of Soronko Academy, Mrs Regina Honu for giving them such a remarkable opportunity to learn digital skills for free and also for all her time and dedication toward helping women. The women also presented a gift card to their trainer, Cyril Agbewali for his dedication and commitment to teaching them.

The celebration culminated in a group photo to capture everyone’s achievements. At the end of class, there were some sad goodbyes as the students parted ways, but everyone was grateful for the experiences and education they had received.

We thank them for their eagerness to learn and constant enthusiasm to explore new skills.

Image may contain: 1 person, textImage may contain: 2 people, people standingImage may contain: 2 people, people standingImage may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Citaton OF APPREICIATION This Award Appreciation gratefully presented to MRS. REGINA HONU, CEO OF SORONKO ACADEMY. The leader shares experience ensuresa bright future and legacy salute nwavering selfless commitmentt excellence, growth and personal development. We deeply grateful your act service, for teaching us, inspiring encouraging challenging us better women. This was great season thanks your dedication. God bless you! From: Women Digital Skills Cohort9 SO SORONKO ACADEMY mastercard Young Africa Works SORONKO ACADEMY'Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people standing, tree, wedding, child and outdoor, text that says 'Young Africa mastercard foundation Works SORONKO ACADEMY'

Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project Commenced

On Monday, 10th of August 2020, the much-anticipated opening ceremony of the Soronko Rotary Girls Coding Project came off.

The project which is in collaboration with Rotary Club Limburgerhof/Vorderpfalz and Rotary Club of Accra-Airport
with support from Rotary International was launched by Rotarian President Nana Gyamfi.

20 young women were selected to be part of the first cohort. Before the opening ceremony, there was as an orientation session. The participants were allocated laptops to take an initial digital skills assessment test in the bid to help the academy better understand their digital skill-level. As part of the project, 10 new laptops were procured to ensure that each young woman is assigned a personal laptop to be used for the duration on the class.

After the president’s address, there was a presentation of 100 face masks donated by the Rotary Club of Accra-airport.
We had a special video message from Daniel Schmid of Rotary Club of Limburgerhof/Vorderpfalz. As a way of ensuring the sustainability of the project, and also to provide the opportunity for the participants to gain some practical experience, Rotarian Holger Adam outlined some details of the post-training Business Solution Centre. The project beneficiaries would work at the business solution services providing B2B digital services to businesses in Accra.

The ceremony ended with hearing from the ladies on why they wanted to be a part of the program and what they hoped to do with their new digital skills. There were post-event networking activities which included some delicious lollipop pancakes from Petite Dejeuner. All-in-all, it was a successful opening ceremony.

Special thanks to all the partners for making this happen

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Women In Digital Skills 9.0 Commences

Orientation for the Women in Digital Skills 9.0 Cohort was held on 20th July 2020, with a presentation by Soronko Academy’s Trainer Cyril Agbewali.

They began with an icebreaker session to break the silence and warm-up conversations among the participants.
The trainer posed several questions to those in attendance, to better understand the aspirations of the participants.
It was soon evident that many hoped to open businesses of their own, and look for the skills and tools provided by Soronko Academy to help them to succeed in their various fields of interest.
The trainer then gave them insights into the course outline and the development opportunities provided by the Academy. They ended the class with a Kahoot session with excitement and determination from the ladies to get the right answers to the questions.

Soronko Academy welcomes the newest cohort and is excited to equip them with the knowledge and skills to thrive in their various fields of interest.

Welcome ladies!
#mydigtialskills #WIDS9 #Womenindigitalskills #Soronkoacademy

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National Female Pre-tech Training Ends Successfully

Day 10 is finally here. This marks the last session of the National Female Pre-Tech Training Program. As usual, the class began with a recap on some subject matters that the trainer had talked about on the subsequent days, this was to ensure that, as much as possible, no participant was left behind.

At this point, all the participants were conversant with creating websites. However, these websites they had developed could only be accessed on their laptops. This called for the need to treat the topic, deployment.
Deployment of a website is the process of uploading one’s website from a computer to a server so it can be available to the public. The trainers also discussed with the participants how to purchase a domain and some of the processes involved.

As the class progressed, there was the need to apply the concepts; ” stage a change” and “commit a change” when using Git and Github. The ladies also learnt how to use Netlify when deploying their projects.

The trainers, being convinced that the participants were now familiar with the processes involved in deployment finally tasked them to deploy their websites. Few of the ladies had challenges in doing this but the trainer did his maximum best to help them rectify all those problems. They also gave room for open questions and attended to them all.

Today being the final day, the ladies got treated to a sumptuous meal, after which they took turns in presenting their websites. At Soronko Academy, Mrs Regina Honu, with the assistance of Baaba from Ghana Tech Lab, awarded certificates of completion to the participants. The ladies took pictures together and exchanged contacts as this was the last day some might see each other.

On this note, the National Female Pre-tech Training Program, which took place at Soronko Academy, Grassroots Hub, Northern Innovation Lab, Dansyn Innovation Social Organisation, Eastern Hub and Yison Tech Hub from 22nd July- 3rd June has been duly completed.

Special Thanks to Mastercard Foundation, Young Africa Works, The World Bank, Ministry of Communications Ghana and Ghana Tech Lab for making this possible.#PretechDiaries #GhanatechlabImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people and people standingImage may contain: one or more people and people standingImage may contain: 2 peopleImage may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor

National Pre-tech Training, Day 9

The 9th day the National Pre-Tech Training program commenced with a revision on the Python Programming Language. The trainers did a recap of the concepts they had studied the previous day and continued with their lesson on functions. They described functions as a way of grouping lines of code so they can be used later when writing programs. The main lesson for the day was to add logic to programs.

The conditions; “if,” “while” and “for,” used in python programming were further explained with hands-on practical examples. The syntaxes used were also established. Progressively, the students started writing codes with the conditions, using a simple calculator as an example. In the course of the class, the trainers drew the ladies attention to the differences and similarities python had with other programming languages.

The second session for the day began with an exciting Kahoot game where the ladies had a recap of what they had learned on HTML & CSS from the previous sessions. The ladies enjoyed playing Kahoot as each of them was eager to come first place. The aim of this particular Kahoot game was to teach the ladies how to critically analyse and identify faults(bugs) in their codes.

Just before the session for the day ended, the trainers expanded on the “for” loop and explained the data types used in python especially, arrays. A participant asked a question on Modules. The facilitators spent the closing moments explaining with examples why people use modules in their codes and how the trainees could incorporate modules in their coding. #PretechDiaries #GhanatechlabImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting, laptop and indoorImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people and people standingImage may contain: 1 person, sittingNo photo description available.

National Female Pre-tech Training 8th Day

Significant progress has been seen in the skills the participants have acquired during these past 7 days of the National Pre-Tech training program. On the 8th day, the ladies were introduced to the python programming language.

Python is a general-purpose programming language which helps programmers write clear and logical code for small and large-scale projects. Their trainer emphasized on the fact that python could run on all operating systems and many other reasons why the programming language was highly recommended. These included its ability to handle all ranges of work effectively, from simple to complex and how easy its syntax is.

The students were exposed to areas of study, where python could be applied.
These included Server-side Web Development, Mathematics, Robotics and Artificial intelligence (AI) among many others. Software engineer, Data Analyst, Web Developer and AI/Robotics engineer were mentioned as career paths available for a python programmer.

Participants installed python on their laptops and executed their first python program. Related concepts such as data types, indentation, functions, variables were made clear to the ladies. The trainer made a conscious effort to explain how some of these concepts were applied differently in other programming languages.

Our CEO, Mrs Regina Honu visited Dansyn Innovation Social Organization-Dansyn ISO and Northern Innovation Lab to interact with the leaders, trainers and participants. She also observed the class and shared her entrepreneurial journey, the benefits of learning to create technology, how to overcome your fears and make an impact.

After lunch, there was a recap of all that had been studied that day and then, the participants wrote different functions to solve simple mathematical problems.

This ended the session for the day. On the 9th, the women will continue to explore more on the Python programming language. #PretechDiaries #GhanaTechLabImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 2 people, people standingImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people and laptop

Day 7 of The National Pre-tech Training

Day 7 of the National Pre-tech Training program began with a recap of what participants learnt the previous day. The ladies continued to delve further into JavaScript; expanded the conditions they wrote by including ‘’else if’’. The trainers then introduced them to three ways of writing loops by using “for’’, ‘’for each’’ and ‘’while’’ in JavaScript.

With hands-on practicals, participants came up with different concepts using the ‘’for’’ loop and “for each’’. They also revised what arrays are, how to define them and what they are used for. Some of them came up with an array of services for their websites, others also came up with a list of food menus for their restaurant’s websites.

Later, they discussed the functions in JavaScript. The trainers taught them how to write and use functions.

In conclusion, the trainers showed them how they can use JavaScript codes in an HTML file. On this note, they completed the lessons on JavaScript. #PretechDiaries.Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, table and indoorImage may contain: one or more people and people sittingImage may contain: 2 people, people sittingImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and text

National Female Pre-tech Training Day 6

Day 6 of the National Female Pre-tech Training began with an Introduction to JavaScript. The trainer explained Javascript as a programming language that allows us to program behaviors into our projects or websites. The trainer stated that JavaScript is not Java. He used the example of Java is to Water as JavaScript is to watermelon.

They then moved on to discuss Variables. Variables were said to store pieces of information such as numbers or strings so they can use them later in their programs. They learned how to declare or define a variable and how to assign data to it. They talked about two different ways to do this. That is, you could define a variable and assign a value for that variable in one statement or you could separate it.
After this, they wrote sample variables in Grasshopper. They made use of those variables later in their application. Next, they talked about the Boolean data type. This data type was said to hold only true or false values.

Participants practiced with more examples on variables of the Boolean data type. They also talked about Arrays. These were said to store a list of data values. The trainer gave them the syntax for defining Array variables.
The next programming concept they talked about was how to add logic to their programs. The first one was writing conditions and making their programs respond in different ways when different conditions by using the ‘’if’’, ‘’else’’ “else if” statements. The trainers taught them how to do comparisons; the equal to, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, etc. They practiced with different statements with all of these conditions.

Resuming from lunch break, they had a Kahoot session to test and refresh their knowledge on what they had learned so far.

Our CEO, Mrs. Regina Honu visited Grassroots Hub to interact with the leaders, trainers, and participants, observe the class and share her entrepreneurial journey, the benefits of learning to create technology, how to overcome your fears, and make an impact.

At this point, participants are familiar with the Internet, Content Management Systems(WIX), Integrated Development Environments, HTML 5, CSS, and now JavaScript. #PretechDiariesImage may contain: 1 person, closeupImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 3 people, people standingImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

The National Female Pre-tech Training, Day 5

Cascading Style Sheet(CSS) is used to set the style in web pages that contain HTML elements. It sets the background colour, font-size, font-family, colour, etc.

There are three types of CSS which are inline CSS, Internal CSS and External CSS.

Participants were introduced to inline and internal CSS on day 4.

On day five, they were exposed to External CSS, which was the last

type of CSS presentation.

The trainers proceeded to what Content Management Systems [CMS] are

and how they are used. They used WIX CMS for practical lessons, where the women were tasked to create accounts and set up their first WIX websites.

They edited the webpages, by editing pictures and texts.

Based on the participants’ interests and passion, they selected different themes that best described their products or services. They also added and managed custom features like a booking service, hotel reservations, listing of restaurant menus among others.

The trainers encouraged the women to relate their websites to their

personal interests and take time on their own to explore more features on

Wix before their next meeting. #PretechDiariesImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting, screen and indoor