Women in Tech Africa: 8 Weeks to Go!

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We’re only 8 weeks away from Women in Tech Africa 2019 – this year’s largest gathering of women in tech in the continent. That’s why we’re reminding you that you can still get your tickets at the Early Bird Gold price of $225.

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Our CEO meets Angela Merkel

From our CEO

“I had an interesting session in a closed-door meeting with 7 other amazing startups in the ecosystem as we met and interacted with Chancellor Angela Merkel and her delegation on her one day visit to Ghana. First I would like to commend Impact Hub Accra for the great work they are doing and being such amazing hosts. I loved how I could stand out in my beautiful Vlisco fabric and dress. I also had to share how I am proud Ashesi University alum and let her know it is the Best University in Ghana. I am glad how our ecosystem is growing and evolving and how we are now collaborating more.”


Our Mentor gets Chevening Schorlarship

Yesterday I was at the British High Commissioners residence to celebrate with an amazing young woman that I am so proud of. I met Nura when she was in the second year of University at Ashesi University. I had gone to give a talk and she was thinking about if she should do business or MIS. I shared how my first coding class beat me proper and I wanted to change courses. I didn’t and worked hard til I loved my coding and computer science class. I talked about Tech Needs Girls and she signed up to be a mentor. She designed a course to teach Alice Programming to our girls She volunteered for some programs and attended an open house ceremony we had for mentors and mentees where she met the CEO of Dreamoval impressed him and got an internship and then a full-time job

When she told me she was applying for CheVening ScholarShip I was excited and read over her essay which was brilliant. I got the opportunity to speak at #GreatX a Tedx styled event organized by the British High Commission and I did a shameless plug to say how brilliant she is and how she deserves the scholarship. I spoke to some alumni of the scholarship to get tips for her interview.

Long post short Nura Abdul Rahman got the Chevening Scholarship and invited me to share this amazing moment with her. Out of 50,000 applications, she was part of the selected 22. She is going to study for a Master’s in Information Technology at the University of Glasgow. She is passionate about giving back and supporting more women and girls to study and pursue careers in Tech.

I can’t wait for her to get back and us working together. I love how she keeps chasing her dreams and works hard. She is a great role model. I and the entire @Tech needs Girls family to congratulate her!! Congratulations to all the other amazing Chevening scholars


Train the Trainer

One of the goals coming from the TGR Foundation, STEM Studio was to organize and train trainers at the academy and in our network on project-based learning and share all the new resources on bringing STEM to life. In order to ensure that students at the academy have the best experience learning about critical thinking and problem solving it is essential that our trainers are trained in all the new methodologies and approaches to achieve that goal.

The 2 day workshop had trainers learning about project-based learning, online quizzes and games to access students in a fun way, problem solving with challenges, padlet to get even the most quiet student to share and contribute in class, the design thinking methodology which supports effective idea sharing, team work and the feedback process with the gallery walk through. They also got to assemble a fold scope. Foldscope is the ultra-affordable, paper microscope that you assemble yourself. Designed to be extremely portable, durable, and to give optical quality similar to conventional research microscopes (magnification of 140X and 2 micron resolution), Foldscope brings hands-on microscopy to new places! They got examine hair and the trainers went outside to examine other things with the power of a microscope in the hands and their cell phones

Then we had a session on using Scratch for game development by Kevin from Leti Arts. We had three trainers who have joined our network from the Volta Region that we trained and will support as they train others in the Volta region. The trainers also got the opportunity to bond, network ad work as a team.

We are excited to see the impact as the trainers transform their class and bring STEM to life through hands-on activities that develop strengths, define passions and outline career paths.



TigerWoods Foundation STEM Studio

The TGR Foundation international STEM Studio is a really amazing experience. I am in presence of educators and curriculum development specialists from 15 countries worldwide. Day two saw us develop methodologies for project-based learning. We showed different ways to bring STEM to life for children. From cool tech games that are STEM brain teasers and breakout rooms and games so you actually learn a lot through play, to a microscope that you can fold with paper and lens and discover new things around you to a gallery walk-through of ideas in design thinking and brainstorming process to mindfulness where children learn to focus and concentrate The list is endless.

We also got to interact with a system that allows parks rangers from California parks to give the children a tour of parks and answer questions with the children sitting in the classroom. So they bring the parks and nature to the children in classrooms all over the world.

I got the opportunity to disect a brain. Hmmm for years I learned parts of the brain with just pictures and memorizing data. Finally, it all came to life where I finally got it. To see and interact with a brain and understand how it works.

Can’t wait to get back home and implement all the new things I am learning.#TGREduCreate #soronkoacademy #LovingSTEM USADF

Students from Emerson College

On Friday, May 25 2018, Soronko Academy hosted a group of students and faculty members from the Digital Media and Journalism Department of Emerson College, US, who were on a familiarization visit to the academy to learn how technology and digital media is used to drive social impact.

The students and the faculty members were first taken through a presentation on the history of Soronko Academy and the Tech Needs Girls Movement. The presentation was immediately followed by a tour around the academy to acquaint the visitors with our learning facilities, working environment, and event spaces.

The ceremony was crowned with an exhibition of products by some of the entrepreneurs from our previous ShowCases. The displayed items were proudly made in ghana to celebrate AU day.

We had a good time with our guests and we look forward to more fruitful engagements with them in the future.


Celebrating Girls in ICT Day


Soronko Academy celebrated “Girls in ICT Day” with MTN Ghana Foundation and the event was a remarkable success!

We had 50 girls from La Bawaleshie Presbyterian Basic School who learnt to solve problems and create Mobile Apps with MIT app inventor.

Senior Manager at MTN Ghana Foundation Georgina Asare Fiagbenu said considering the few number of Women in ICT, the foundation thinks it is important to get girls to be motivated to study and pursue careers in technology

We had an informal conversation dubbed “Fireside Chat,” where panelists( 5 influential women in Tech from MTN) spoke about their journey in the Tech world, their challenges, success and why they ventured into Tech careers. The panelists encouraged the girls to be bold to express themselves, learn new things, and never be afraid.

We also had a lady from our Women in Digital Skills class and an Entrepreneur in Training from MEST Africa share their story on why they choose Tech.

The participants drew a prototype of their solution of the challenge on cards with the supports from their mentors, MTN Woman in Tech, a facilitator and a technical trainer. The also built awesome apps with the aid of MIT App Inventor, to solve the challenge. The groups presented their solutions on the Innovation Challenge and Android App, and the best teams won amazing prices. Certificate of participation were presented.

None of the girls knew what coding was but left learning how to code. They did not know who a software developer was but at the end I am sure some were inspired to study and pursue career in Tech.